Joanna Konstantopoulou

Registered Health Psychologist



Stress Management


Stress is an umbrella term used to describe a set of physical, emotional, mental and behavioural responses to a perceived threat. Stress isn’t caused by an event, but by our response to the event.

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The same event could happen to two people e.g. redundancy. One may respond with anxiety and fear while the other sees the opportunity as a positive challenge.

Sometimes our stress threshold becomes overwhelming and this can affect us physically (tension, headaches), emotionally (increased worrying), mentally or cognitively (we might think we can’t cope) and behaviorally (we might overeat when we’re too stressed).

As the UK faces a stress epidemic, at Health Psychology Clinic we are offering a multitude of effective treatments and behavioural therapy courses aiming to bring the nation’s stress levels down, and alleviate anxiety and depression.

The Health Psychology Clinic, situated on London’s Harley Street offers a range of psychotherapy, psychology and behavioural medicine treatment options for those suffering from stress caused by the ups and downs of modern life.

Disturbing statistics have found that 59% of British adults claim their life is more stressful today than it was five years ago, while five million people in the UK are ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ stressed through work. The Health and Safety Executive also estimates that 9.9m working days were lost due to stress, depression and anxiety in 2014-15. The Health Psychology Clinic is perfectly placed to offer treatment and therapy options for those who feel they’re having trouble coping with the stresses and strains of life.

With psychological therapy you can get help by identify sources of stress and inappropriate coping mechanisms and learn new strategies for building stress resilience


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